About Us

Since 2013, Liquid Strategies has been applying an investment overlay to traditional bond and stock portfolios, creating practical solutions for managing clients’ cash flow and growth objectives. Overlay Shares eliminates past inhibitors of overlay adoption to make this strategy available to a broader investment community.

Who We Are

Founded in 2013 by industry veterans, Liquid Strategies, LLC is focused on managing modern portfolios with embedded overlays designed to make portfolios more productive. We launched Overlay Shares in 2019, with the goal of breaking down barriers of traditional overlay adoption to make our strategy easily accessible to all investors. 

Our History

Liquid Strategies is founded

Liquid Strategies, LLC is founded in 2013 by Brad Ball, Shawn Gibson and Adam Stewart. The overlay strategy track record begins 11/01/2013.



Mutual Fund Launch

The Theta Income Fund is launched 4/1/2014.

Overlay Shares ETFs Launch

The Overlay Shares ETFs begin trading on the NYSE Arca. The ETFs enable financial advisors and investors to access core index ETFs combined with an overlay strategy that seeks to add incremental return with a nominal change in risk. 



Overlay Shares ETFs Cross $100M in AUM

The Overlay Shares ETFs surpassed $100M in assets under management within seven weeks since they began trading on the NYSE Arca.

Overlay Shares ETFs Cross $200M in AUM

The Overlay Shares ETFs crossed $200M in AUM in less than 5 months since they began trading.



Overlay Shares ETFs 1 Year Anniversary

The Overlay Shares ETFs reached their one year anniversary on 09/30/2020, and are approaching $300M in assets under management.